Les Garçonnes

In the nineteenth and early twentieth century, many women want to escape the old straitjacket we know as femininity which used to feature exclusively trailing dresses and stifling corsets. They study, they travel, they work, and they tackle the stereotypes of appearance by borrowing double-duty clothes from men’s closets. These women were called "boys" ("garçonnes" in french) in the 20s. Proletarians, bohemian or revolutionary artists, the "garçonnes" burned the disproportionate difference between the sexes. This freedom, embraced by the "garçonnes", still fascinates a century later ...
Exctract from the presentation text of a photo series named Les Garçonnes in Arles.

Marine Escurat

Marine Escurat
Behind this new Parisian brand, a young designer: Marine Escurat. Brilliant and rebellious, Marine chases fashion’s cutting edge by proposing a collection of pants, pieces that lay in their simplicity while staying sharp and refined. These innovatively-cut pieces reflect an effortless but always uncompromising style. A style staying close to her core : between daring tomboy and absolute elegant feminity.